Guided Imagery - One of the Fastest Ways to Lose Weight

Wouldn't it be nice to relax into thinness? Just throw on some headphones and voila, away you go as you relax into the joy and feeling of seeing yourself wearing your favorite clothes at your ideal size.

Oh that sounds too good to be true, but honestly, it's not all that far off.

\"Fastest Ways To Lose Weight\"

We all know that our minds are the most powerful instrument in the entire Universe. There's nothing like it. Neuropsychologists across the globe continue to understand this mysterious machine, finding new evidence of its power all the time. Using guided imagery is a quick weight loss secret that's been around for years. Combining the power of guided imagery, with meditation and hypnotherapy has shown to be the fastest way to speed up slimming efforts.

Guided Imagery - One of the Fastest Ways to Lose Weight

Studies have shown that runners who rehearse running a race and swimmers who rehearse swimming laps, in their brain fire the same muscular response as when actually running or swimming. If this is the case, wouldn't it hold true that if you mentally rehearsed the practice of eating and living thin, your brain would begin to recognize these patterns as real and becoming thin wouldn't happen over night, but it would be much easier!

Here are five tips to lose weight and use guided imagery to see quick weight loss results and relax into thinness:

1. Guided Imagery is the new paradigm in mediation for people with busy lifestyles. It is a great way for busy-minded to find a way to focus, concentrate, stop overeating, and visualize their way to thinness.

2. Guided Imagery affects both the unconscious and conscious mind, to create behaviors filled with better results, good health and abundance.

3. With regular practice, you see results, experience increased relaxation and centeredness; exactly what you need to enjoy a mindful eating practice.

4. As with any guided imagery or meditative practice, with practice you will open your mind to new insights.

5. As you practice living and eating the way you desire, you will find yourself living out these behaviors during your meals. Eating in a healthy fashion will now be easily played out through your actions.

Just as exercise strengthens and tones your body, guided imagery and meditation strengthens your mind, by calling forth physical and mental well being. Don't be fooled by its simplicity, many studies have shown these benefits. You can stop overeating in its tracks as well as other self-defeating behaviors weighing you down with the power of guided meditation. No matter where you are, look at finding a guided imagery and meditation practice to incorporate with your weight loss program.

Guided Imagery - One of the Fastest Ways to Lose Weight

Marna Goldstein Thall took her body from a size 14/16 to a size 6/8 by using her mind to think thin. Marna has created a guided imagery to help you see quick weight loss results and stop overeating. You can enjoy this audio at [].